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This is the newest version of the instant messaging software that started all
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This is the newest version of the instant messaging software that started all, even though, today is not as popular as it used to be. It has video, audio and text chat capability which places ICQ among the best. It has versions for Windows, Linux, Mac and some mobile devices (must have Symbian OS).
These are some of the new features that ICQ 6 includes:
* Quick IM: enabling users to send messages to contacts without opening a message window.
* Easy access simple navigation between incoming messages. (One line message, which is quite nice, if you’re in a hurry).
* Tabbed conversations--management of all active conversations in one message window by using tabs.
* History--new and improved search history of messages, files, and calls.
* Search capabilities--advanced and easy-to-use search through contacts, on ICQ, and on the web.
But the really interesting characteristic of this software is its capability to customize almost everything. I know a few who would love this, if they new ICQ 6 exists.
My opinion:
Even though audio chat depends highly on the user’s internet connection, it was much better than I expected, almost crystal clear voice. On the other hand, video chat was not that good, I believe the other party’s connection wasn’t fast or good enough for video conferences, something to take into account!
I guess ICQ is fighting back, is trying to gain some lost ground. I think they are on the right track!

Germán González
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  • It's different, it has many different characteristics


  • ICQ6 crashes a bit too often
  • ICQ6 is great but most people uses MSN
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